Reflection 03 , Charlie coy ~

The past 2 weeks have been such a rush ! We finally put our navigation skills to the test through Ex.Tenderfoot & Wanderer where my section and half-section were able to play their part in seeking checkpoints towards the endpoint . It was not easy but with all of us fulfilling our roles , mission was fairly easily accomplished .

Field camp was the most dreaded activity for me . A gun fire while walking down the road in file formation was the start of a hectic fire battle . Shouting if not screaming  , constantly returning fire wasn’t helping the with communication between groups . 2.5L of water never seems to be enough for the day , having to ‘everything-on’ added to the heat retention within us and it felt as if we all had armies of fire ants nibbling on our backs throughout the camp .

It was an experience I thought I saw the last off since BMT , guess i was wrong . Nevertheless , Charlie company pulled through without any fall- outs ! That was something to be proud of , it gave me a sense of achievement and I hope my remaining 2 weeks here in Charlie company is able to realise such emotions again !

うえにはうえがある – Superiors have others above them .

Got to start having this mentality and accept the reality . At the same time , wouldn’t it be nice to be at the top of something ?